Vans Hi-Standard Double Big Air at Sierra At Tahoe

Words and Photos: Ben Birk

Video: Wojtek Targosz

Welcome to the Vans High Standard Double Big Air, a contest where you can’t spin above a 540.  Style counts for everything and you better have some weird grabs in your bag of tricks. It went down like this: two heats with two runs per heat, the top 10 riders made finals. Double grabs were the highlight of the day. Flip combos were a close second. There were truck drivers, rocket airs, and even a double roast beef. One rider was tossing a chicane.  California blessed the High Standard with mostly sunny skies for the whole event and Vans provided some hot dogs and sausages to keep the riders fueled up. In the end Nick Geisen impressed the judge the most. Ryan Linnert took home second and Scott Hoffman third. The Pro-Tec best trick was awarded to Tim Rechetniak.


1st – Nick Geisen $700

2nd – Ryan Linnert $500

3rd – Scott Hoffman $300

Best Trick – Tim Rechetniak $500