U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team Bios

Greg Bretz

Greg Bretz, USA
19 (December 19, 1990)
Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, California
Stance: Regular
Board team: Gnu
Recent results: Third and fourth place finishes in the Olympic Grand Prix qualifying series.

Olympic outlook: Greg Bretz inched himself into the upper ranks of the Grand Prix contest series this season. He went from two sixth place finishes to the third spot at the last Grand Prix. That, combined with another fourth place finish landed him a spot on the Olympic team. Bretz has at least one double cork spin in his repertoire and can chuck the twelve. Those two tricks, when combined, can be lethal. Bretz is young, ambitious and has breathed snowboarding since young, when his father, who worked lift maintenance at Mammoth, let him roam the mountain to hone his skills. He’ since boosted from nowhere to the Olympic team, so who’s to say he can boost onto the Olympic podium?

Potential downfalls: Bretz is relatively new to high profile events. He’s young and the bearing of big crowds and big pressure could cook him quick. He has shown a double cork in competition, but unless he unveils some technical combos or two doubles in one run, he faces stiff competition from the rest of the field.