Top 10 Tricks Of 2011

In the last few weeks we watched so many videos trying to find the top ten tricks of 2011 that for a minute we thought we were going to have to put an order in for those A Clockwork Orange eye splints to wedge our lids open. The list we put together includes what we think are the most progressive jump and jib shots of the year; the ones that out of thousands of tricks viewed, made us stop and rewind; the ones we had to see again.

UPDATE: Due to comments noting the high number of ads versus the short video times, most ads have been removed from this post to improve viewing. Enjoy!

Notable mentions:
Travis Rice’s heli-basket drop-in to frontside 5 to mach-10 switch straight line in The Art Of Flight. 
Jake Blauvelt’s natural backside 5 ender in Naturally.

#10. Alex Oestreng, hardway backside 270.

Totally smooth and total committal.