Top 10 Most Viewed Videos Of 2011 On

3rd. World’s First Switch Backside Triple Cork 1440 By Pat Burgener

Following Mark McMorris’s footsteps, out of nowhere came this Switch Backside Triple Cork and again is created an online stir late in the spring.

Video by Florent Beauverd

Caught Up by Ivan Zwahlen

Pat Burgener has incredible natural talent. At only 16, he progresses with such natural ease, that it’s almost impossible to put him in a box. Is he a grom? Is he a comp kid? Is he a pipe jock?  To get a better idea of who this kid is, just take a look at his past week. Frustrated about the crappy season in Europe, Pat decided to organize a photo shoot at his home resort before heading to the US. He called up his local shapers, and had an existing set up rebuilt into a poppy “perfect” jump. He invited a couple of filmers and a photographer and promised to try a couple new tricks. But in the end, in spite of slush, wind and a rapidly melting kicker, Pat ended up stomping an unexpected switch backside triple cork. In just 5 hours, he learned 3 new tricks and did it all by himself. Pat is still quite young and lives in Switzerland, so we can’t blame you if you’ve never heard of him before this. Hey Pat — Say hello to the world.

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