Top 10 Most Viewed Videos Of 2011 On

From Blauvelt’s Epic Backcountry edits and Bear’s classic weekends, to Shoot Outs, Full Parts, and the unbelievable triple corking evolution; 2011 once again raised the viewing bar in snowboarding. New tricks went down, parks got thrashed, spots got blown, and season’s got shot—all in front of our very screens and eyes.

Looking forward to 2012, we’ll be premiering more insane videos, tricks, and full parts on than ever. Upgrade that beasted dial-up connection and prepare those pupils for cornea-singeing snowboard overload. The new video decade is going to be get buck. Stay tuned through TWSNOW Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Alright! Without further delay, here are the ten most watched videos of the year. Enjoy!

Top Ten Most Viewed Videos of 2011: #10

10th: 2011 TWS Team Shoot Out Video: CAPITA

The Capita crew all piled into a musty ski patrol cabin at the base of Stevens. Camaraderie and boot stank reached excessive levels. The nighttime sessions were heavy, and the team took down beasty closeout rails, rail-to-cliff combos, and trannies tucked in trees. Capturing the sessions and synergies that fuel snowboarding was their drive.

Teamriders: Cale Zima, Dan Brisse, Scott Stevens, Laura Hadar, and Phil Jacques

Filmmakers: Mark Dangler & Matt Roberge

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