Thirty Two Ammo Premiere at Sole Technology!

Last night ThirtyTwo hosted the premiere of their video, Ammo, at their Sole Technologies headquarters. The guys at ThirtyTwo really know how to throw an awesome party. They had tacos, brews, babes, and boarders. It was pretty much the most perfect thing anyone who is into snowboarding could ask for. The video it self was insane! Chris Brewster, Spencer Shubert, Dylan Ailto, Mike Rav, and others really sent a message that the new crop has arrived. Be sure to look for it in your local shop when it arrives, you will definitely not be disappointed! Videograss also showed their new movie, Shoot the Moon. Man, that movie is awesome. If you have not seen it yet, you need to get off the couch and get to one of their premiere dates!

Check out the gallery to see all of the action that went down last night!