Think Thanks Mind the Video Man world premiere at High Cascade Snowboard Camp

Think Thank‘s latest video, Mind the Video Man, recently premiered to the world at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Think Thanks usual creative antics didn’t skip a beat with amazing snowboarding by notorious Think Thankers  Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Sean Black, as well as newcomers Brandon Hammid, Jaeger Bailey, Nial Romanek, Curtis Woodman, and plenty of others. We could go on and on and spoil the video by telling you who had first part, who had last part, who did what, and who didn’t do anything —but instead let’s just say that if you like snowboarding, you will like this video. Creativity is a good thing, and just because it’s not the Art of Flight doesn’t mean it’s not sick as hell.

Check out the teaser to Mind the Video Man right here, and look for the dvd when it hits stores this fall.