The Vans Hi-Standard Big Air at Winter Park

Video: Justin Gunson

Photos and Words: Jon Hill

This previous weekend at Winter Park was the Vans Hi-Standard Double Big Air contest. The rules were no spins over a 540 or else your run gets a big fat zero. Style’s the most important thing in this one. We are talking tweaks, pokes, pokey tweaks, and even tweaky pokes, but most importantly not too much spinning. There was two runs per rider. Then in the finals there was ten riders, and it was a non-stop snowmobile up, big air jumps down sort of jam session for 45 minutes. The weather was patchy, but the snow was fast and forgiving. The only complaints that were had was wondering when the Vans free hotdogs were going to be ready. Overall it was quite a fun and interesting contest to be at. Thanks again Vans!


1st Place, Davis Johnson

2nd Place, Blake Axelson

3rd Place, Chad Otterstrom


Pro-tec Best Trick, Paul Weston