The CHEERS Premier

Oakley, premier week night 1, Cheers to that! Photo: Wellhausen
Oakley, premier week night 1, Cheers to that! Photo: Wellhausen

It felt like the entire world of snowboarding was there—and most everyone was!  The new movie from the People crew, CHEERS premiered last night at Oakley headquarters in southern California and drew a huge crowd of pro riders, lurkers, partiers, friends, and humans employed in the snowboard industry.

The movie was awesome. Lets get this out of the way: Jeremy Jones had opening part and Joe Sexton had the ender. In between was a markedly clean and dense 30ish-minutes of serious action. Kind of a blur actually, but punctuated by sick powdery parts from Eero Niemela, Curtis Ciszek, and Shaun McKay. Bryan Fox even snuck in a dope part. Some rad footage from Mt. Baker and just so much awesome street action. Huot, Marben, JP Walker, Wow! I can’t wait to see CHEERS again at home, with a remote for instant replays. Sexton’s ender will be a topic of discussion. He is really on and earned that last part. Just after credits rolled, I cornered Sexton for his reaction. “I didn’t know I had the last part, it’s unbelievable to me! Nobody understands how much this means to me—all the guys in this movie are the guys I grew up looking up to—worshipping! I’m so hyped!” he said, smiling from ear to ear. When the movie ended, the crowd of hopped-up revellers scattered like roaches into the heat of the Orange County night. Tonight is the premier of Volcom’s 9191, gonna be quite a week.