The 2013 Summer Shred Guide

6. SGT Argentina

Yes this is in the summer…and yes this could be you!

If you want to really snowboard, in deep snow, when it’s cold out, and it feels like winter, there’s really only one place to go, and it’s SGT Argentina. This camp is the real deal! It’s a full on backcountry snowboard summer camp located in the Argentinian Andes. At SGT Argentina you will get professional backcountry safety lessons, and then go out and ride some of the gnarliest, most awesome shit of your life. If you’re a snowboarder, this is one place that should be on your bucket list.

Length: 7- to 14-day sessions, July 27–September 14
Price: $2,495–$4,890
Max Campers per Session: 40
Killer Coaches: Chris Coulter, Andrew Burns, Skylar Holgate

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