The 2013 Burton US Open is coming next week!

The 2013 Burton US Open of snowboarding is happening next week from the 25 of February until the 3rd of March. While the Burton US Open of Snowboarding is always a big deal, this year it’s especially huge. This year the US Open has found a new home in Vail, Colorado, moving from its 30 year residence in Vermont.

The US Open has more history surrounding it than any other contest in snowboarding. Riders careers have been made based on winning the Open. This photo right here shows “The Cage.” While “The Cage” may be a thing of the past, the legend that is The US Open is right now. See you at Vail next week. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton.

It’s a big deal that the US Open isn’t in Vermont anymore. It used to be the event that brought the East Coast together. It was where riders who normally didn’t see, or ride with pros, could come and compete with their heroes. Vice Magazine made an epic documentary about the US Open. Check out all the parts right here:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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