Seb Toots Wins 2012 Ride Shakedown

Photos: Crispin Cannon and Oli Croteau

Words: Hondo

Seb Toots took the win at the 11th Annual Ride Shakedown at St. Sauveur in Quebec, Canada. It was a heated field of over 5o riders. The Shakedown is one of Canada’s most premiere events, with riders from all over the world coming to try and win their piece of the $50,000 prize purse. The Ride Shakedown is different from most events because contestants have to call their tricks each run and they can’t call the same trick twice. On Friday night there’s a rail jam and on Saturday a big air jump that leads into the rails. The setup gives the rider the chance to show their ability on two aspects of snowboarding.

Dudes who were killing it this year were Frank April, Dillon Ojo, Kim Rune Hansen, and Seth Hill, but in the end it was Seb Toots, who once again claimed first place.

On Friday night’s rail jam the winners were Frank April in 3rd, Seb Toots in 2nd, and Dillon Ojo in first. And on Saturdays event it was Kim Run Hansen in 3rd, Seth Hill in 2nd, and Seb Toots in 1st.