Sun Valley Park Sessions Preview With Aguirre, Hironaka, Kotsenburg Bros & Willet

All photos by Frode Sandbech

Sun Valley Park Session With Aguirre, Brothers Kotsenburg, Hironaka, and Willet

TransWorld’s Park Sessions are smashing along until spring is gone. Our third stop in Sun Valley, Idaho with Austin Hironaka, Blaze and Sage Kotsenburg, Eric Willet and Mason Aguirre was a trip. We’d all seen the Sun Valley bangers in Forum’s F’it video, but no one from the crew had been here. No one knew what to expect. And the weather we experienced was like none other.

The wide-open Dollar Mountain hill hosted the park. It was completely separated from the rest of the Sun Valley resort and the vibe was awesome. When the sun was shining, it was like our own park paradise, our own private Idaho. Jibs and jumps littered the hill ripe for the picking. Rather than hot laps, the crew sessioned each feature till they were spent. They tore up the big jump during night and day, smashed a few wall rides and lapped the jibs. But the session stalled when we had some seriously challenging weather move in. Out of nowhere a Chinook wind came and nearly melted the entire park away. We watched four feet of snow dissolve in a matter of days. But the place endured, and the staff stayed out late into the night and built it back up for one last sunny session. Even though this place has produced a few big names (Wyatt Caldwell, Kaitlyn Farrington), the park scene is relatively new to Sun Valley. SPT is now backing it and the place has potential for sure. They’ve built it, but the question is: will you come?

Video by Mark Wiitanen and Justin Gunson

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