2012 Summer Shred Guide

2. Windells


Andrew Brewer. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

Windells is a summer snowboard staple for multiple reasons. First: they change their park up every session. If you happen to be lucky enough to be a camper for two sessions, the park you’re shredding on the first session will be completely different on the second session.

Second: Windells has “Team Take Over” sessions. Every week a new team comes to camp and just takes over. Imagine the Forum team of Cam Pierce, Austen Sweetin, and Niko Cioffi ripping and having the best time ever. Well you don’t have to imagine too much, because that’s actually going to happen this summer.

Third: Windells has the best skateboard park ever, so when you’re not shredding their on-hill features, you can skate on endless concrete. And if it’s raining you can skate their monstrosity of an indoor park named, BOB.

Length: 8-day sessions, June 6–August 12.
Price$1,699-$1,969 depending on session and lodging.
Max Campers per Session: 250
Killer Coaches: Brandon Cocard, Dylan Dragotta, Megan Ginter, and Mark Wilson.