Summer Camp Weekly Wrap Up Videos and Photos

Camp of Champions Camp D 2011

Updated (August 1st)

All good things must come to an end, as did Camp of Champions for 2011. Although the weather didn’t exactly cooperate all the time; campers, coaches and pros were on the glacier 6 days a week, all smiles, garbage bags or shirts off. The park was the best it’s been with the addition of two rope tows, a 22-foot pipe, 2 regular airbags, 1 pipe airbag, 24-27 box and rail style feature, 9 jumps, 1 variation of a quarter pipe, 1 hip, 1 wall ride and some other random side hits and no one can forget the snake run.

Featuring: Viktor Simco, Chris Grenier, Zak Hale, Jake Kuzyk, Rob Kingwill, Harrison Gray, Derek Livingston, Alex Beebe, Sean Genovese, Lucas Ouellette, Robjn Taylor, Rusty Ockenden, Rupert Davies, Phil Tardif, Frank April, Charles Reid, Colin D. Watt, Torstein Horgmo, Frank Bourgeois, Jason Dubois, Robby Balharry, Jeremy Cloutier & Zach Aller.

Filmed by: Cole Taylor & Eddie Grams
Edited by: Cole Taylor

Windell’s Session 5 2011

What a summer it’s been. Seems to be flying by. Cam Pierce, Austen Sweetin, Eric Willett and Jonah Owen were here just to name a few. The park is as long as its ever been and we’re still taking full laps from the top of Palmer to the bottom of the Mile. What could be better…

Edit: Paul Heran & Tyler Malay

Filming: Tyler Malay, Alexandra Erickson, Paul Heran, Jake Strassman, Jake Durham. Additional Shots: Brett Spurr

High Cascade: Session 4 2011

High Cascade’s Session 4 is now officially one for the books! While the temperature might not have been too hot, the action on and off the hill was definitely some of the hottest.

Filmed By: Tanner Pendleton, Matt Roberge, Skylar Brent, Sean Lucey,
Rob Balding

Edited By: Tanner Pendleton