Style: Nothing Else Matters

Pat Moore says, “Craig’s style has influenced every person in snowboarding whether they’ve heard of him or not. Snowboarding doesn’t owe us anything, but we owe everything to Craig. RIP. Jamie Lynn is style, the very meaning of it. His methods, front threes, Cab spins, the way he smokes a cig…all style, a true badass. Terje—no one is more natural on a snowboard. Everyone dreams of riding like Terje. Noah Salasnek—he’s a true all-around rider. His part in TB2 had a sick mix of freestyle tricks and flowing backcountry lines, and was linked up so sick with the Primus song. His part in TB7—probably one of my favorite parts—how he would bounce down pillows and big-ass lines was insane, the whole time with his calm, confident style and of course the bent arms, which I love. MFM—Marco rides with more confidence than anyone else. He handled biz in all his parts in the Whitey and Dawger videos, stomping all his tricks like they were jokes. ‘I’m a thug for life, ain’t no changin’ me!’”

Jake Blauvelt gives it up to “Tom Penny and Terje Haakonsen. Also, Craig Kelly—finding ways to flow down the mountain like a ball would roll. Nicolas Müller, grabbing and boning to the moon! Kyle Clancy—always doing super cool grabs like roast beefs and truckdrivers with spins. Jamie Lynn—method, Northwest style!”

Aerial composure is one of t he hallmarks of solid style. From takeoff to landing, Jake Blauvelt has a knack for keeping it mellow. Whistler backcountry. PHOTO: Cole Barash

Justin Bennee says, “It’s hard to narrow down; a ton of people influence me. Scotty Wittlake has that balls-to-the-wall, fully-committed, I-don’t-give-a-f—k kinda style. Matty Ryan just looks like he’s on a skateboard when he’s snowboarding. Tarquin Robbins—he’s kinda the OG when it comes to that laid-back, effortless style. Chris Bradshaw is like this generation’s Tarquin Robbins. Don’t get me wrong, Bradshaw has his own unique style that can’t be matched or copied, but it’s reminiscent of Tarquin to me. His style is probably the most ridiculous style ever. Certified G. It goes without saying that Marc Frank makes everything look like he’s not even trying. And nobody has style like J2—he may not have the most effortless-looking style, but it’s unique and so awesome to watch because he’s confident. This is a case where his riding speaks for itself.”

Without hesitation, Danny Davis says, “Keir Dillon was a huge influence. It was the McTwist with no shirt, going huge, his part in Stand & Deliver. I liked Danny Kass, [Kyle] Clancy, Shane Flood, Lane Knaack, and Charlie Morace because they were just badass. Their riding style was sick, but more so it was the way they acted, the stuff they wore. I liked Ross [Powers] and all these contest dudes, but the Grenade dudes really stood out. It just all made sense to me.”

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