Style: Nothing Else Matters

Jamie Lynn calls out skaters Neil Blender and Mark Gonzales. “The way they approached life, art, and skating…” he explains. “Christian Hosoi, Jason Jessee, and John Cardiel stand out, too. Growing up, I had a picture of Palmer hanging on the wall in my room. He was at Mount Rose, wearing sweatpants on a winter day, cracking a big method off this pillow. Just him and his whole world, it was different—unique, creative, individualistic. He was a huge influence. Same with Kidwell. He always had that laid-back ’70s surf style but did all these tech skate tricks.”

Bradshaw cites, “Skating with older dudes, slashing pools and shit. Listening to Wasted Youth, Angry Samoans, and GG Allin.” He liked Chris Roach “’cause he didn’t give a shit and slayed everything! Noah Salasnek was the sickest, the most creative and smooth—he made everything look good. John Cardiel is my all-time favorite. He wasn’t even serious about shredding. He tried huge shit with aggression and wild styles that stood out so much—front shifty, late back three?! And then there’s [Scotty] Wittlake—now that’s a motherf—kin’ shredder. He was and is the gnarliest scumbag killer in the game. He set the bar for a lot of dudes. And of course there’s Terje. He will always be the boss-king-pioneer of this thing we call snowboarding!”

Devun Walsh says, “At the beginning it was Noah Salasnek. He had such a crazy skate style. It was amazing watching the way he rode compared to someone like Craig Kelly, who was the first person I really looked up to. Craig definitely surfed it more, and Noah did tricks that were so skate influenced. It made me realize, ‘Hey, I can ride this thing like a skateboard.’ Jamie Lynn really inspired me after that. Noah kinda had a tight stance, knees together, fluid type of skate style. He did a lot of bonks and pokes and smaller stuff, then Jamie showed up and he had this wide stance, knees all spread apart. He still had a skate style but it was just more powerful. He was going bigger, he was just stronger. That’s how I wanted to ride.”

Beard: you either have it or you don’t. PHOTO: Colin Adair

Swiss stylist Nicolas Müller’s style short list includes “Terje, Ingemar, Michi Albin—nobody grabs melon like Albin—Fredi Kalbermatten, and Gigi Rüf.”

Gigi Rüf offers up a longer list: “Craig Kelly’s style embodies snowboarding in his graceful ability from training gates to pipe airs to watching him freeride. Jamie Lynn, with his incredible way of spinning off his toes, a method style that exemplified the artist he is—and always without gloves. Peter Line, with his eccentric behavior all channeled into his board graphics and diverse music taste. All his video parts are classics. Devun Walsh for his ollie drops, lofty switch backside ones, and keeping it flat-out skate influenced. Nicolas Müller, taking new strides to perfect the talent and style of Terje.”

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