6 Spring Flings To Keep Your Winter Going

Spring Flings

It not over. Nope, there’s still time to smash snow. Parks are primed, snow’s coming down by the foot in some lucky West Coast locales and that late day light is shinin’. Get at the last part of winter with these upcoming events, and before that sad day when it’s all melted away.

Grenade Games, March 24–25, Bear Mountain, California

Straight chillin in SoCal with the homeys. The Grenade Games are returning to Bear Mountain for a weekend of shredding and shenanagins. Here’s the low down from the Dan man himself:

“Am I excited about Grenade Games 8? You betcha. For it’s eighth b-day, Grenade Games will be celebrating snowboarding and music at Bear Mountain, March 24th and 25th. Next weekend’s events will cover the entire resort and trying to get down the hill and not soaked will be one of them. This year we are pumped to have the Office Boys division battling it out amongst an army of great snowboarders. We will be bringing you more scenes from this amazing pre Grenade Games pool party as next weekend approaches.”