Sound Off: Tools To Make Your Ear Drums Pop

Sound Off:

Tools To Make Your Ear Drums Pop

The wonderful world of sound reproduction, it’s a hidden reserve in small cords of technology. Here, your second sense, hearing, is manipulated and taken wherever you want it to go, while you can continue shredding away. Go with some sleek earphones, seal it all out with a set of headies or let the noise spill with a portable sound dock for après. Scope them all here and remember to crank it to eleven.

Kicker EB101 Earphones. Photo by Chris Wellhausen Transworld Snowboarding

Kicker EB101 ($40)

The EB101’s Comply foam tips are stance apart from the normal silicon sleeves that adorn many headphones. They mold right into your ears and seal out unwarranted noise, aside from being very comfortable and packed in sleek, brushed aluminum.

Photos: Chris Wellhausen