Snowmass Park Session Preview With Flanagan, McMorris, Braaten

Snowmass Park Session Preview With Flanagan, McMorris, Braaten

Photos: Nick Hamilton

The first week of shooting for TransWorld’s new Park Sessions series just wrapped. Snowmass, Colorado hosted the first of four shoots planned to bring pro riders to resort terrain parks for a few days of sessions. Instead of closed-off, exclusive shoots on jumps that only the pros can hit, the Park Sessions go down in regular public terrain parks. On stuff anyone can hit. Snowmass can hardly be called “regular” though, as they are known for offering a premium park experience; from jibs and rails, to pipe and booters, Snowmass was the perfect place to kick off the Park Session series. Canadian flip-phenom Mark McMorris was chosen to assemble the crew for the session. He brought along Gjermund Braaten, his brother Craig, and Tyler Flanagan. A few days unleashed in the Snowmass parks, being followed around by a photographer and two filmers, plus GoPros galore, and the boys threw down. Here is a Trailer from the Snowmass Park Session, Full Video coming Fall 2011.

Here is a Trailer for the Snowmass Session went down last week

Video by Mark Wiitanen and Justin Gunson, Edit by Mark Wiitanen

Tune in tomorrow right here on for the Mark McMorris Backside Triple Cork Video