Snowbasin is now open for the 2012-2013 season!

Words and photos: Aaron Blatt

About an hour North of Salt Lake City, high above the town of Ogden lies a resort known for deep snow, steep lines, and some of the most insane ski lodges of all time. Snowbasin itself is a wild zone, one of the only places where lifts and trams allow access to terrain of a caliber usually only accessible by heavy climbing and deep backcountry excursions. On top of the terrain, three lodges complete with chef prepared food, chandeliers worth more than most houses, and award winning bathrooms (top 5 in the USA in 2011), allow riders to fully enjoy the apres scene, and maybe score some high end tail if the opportunity arises.

This past week, Snowbasin opened its doors with some solid terrain, including a handful of what marketing director, Jason Dyer likes to call “pocket parks”. After a short ride up to the resort, our crew was guided by Terrain Park Manager Tim Eastley. We cruised and slashed through the rollers and parks offered up right now at Snow Basin.

Some serious airtime went down at Snowbasin in Utah.