Shredding Vintage Boards at Baldface

Shredding Vintage Boards at Baldface

Words: Dave Martin

Photos and captions: Scott Serfas

Nostalgia can make you do funny things, like collect vintage snowboards, for example. That’s exactly what the fast growing “Vintage Snowboard Trader” Facebook group is all about. It’s a place where dedicated old school riders share their inspiration and pay tribute by building collections of old boards. Finding, buying, and trading: it’s a respectful community built on a passion for snowboarding and helping one another find the boards they are searching for.

On December 5-8, 2013, a handful of these historians descended on Baldface Lodge to finally meet in person, ride some old boards, and relive what they consider the golden age of snowboarding.

Rick Alden showed up with a 1982 Burton Backyard, a board that comes without bindings. In the ’82 Burton Catalogue, the company describes the board as one for those who intend on riding occasionally and on gentle hills only. Photo: Scott Serfas