Shaun White wins halfpipe at the 2013 Winter X Games

Photos: Chris Wellhausen

Words: Hondo

Shaun White wins halfpipe at the 2013 Winter X Games

It was a nice crisp January night as the riders took to the pipe. It was a field of seven riders that went to battle in the frozen, icy halfpipe. The dudes shredding were Greg Bretz, Markus Mallin, Christian Haller, Scotty Lago, Ayumu Hirano, Shaun White, and Louie Vito. Remember back in the day when back to back 1080’s would win a contest? Well those days are long gone…

Some standouts from the night were Christian Haller’s sick double cork nose grabs, Scotty Lago grabbing truck driver and rocket double corks, and Ayumu Hirano’s crazy air out of the pipe.

Let’s talk about Ayumu Hirano for just a little bit. Dude was born in 1998. That wasn’t a very long time ago. He’s only 14 years old and he just won a silver medal at the the Winter X Games. He was going huge, and he had in our opinion the best style of the night. Dude is stoked. We can only imagine how much candy and soda he’s going to be drinking tonight.

But he wasn’t able to beat Shaun. No one’s been able to beat Shaun as of lately. His run today included one of the biggest / if not the biggest backside air that’s ever been done. He also did sick frontside and backside double corks. Not to mention he goes way higher than everyone. People can hate on Shaun all they want, but when dude’s doing a 24 foot method, that solidifies him as legit in out book. Those methods are sick as hell.


Shaun White blasting. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen


1. Shaun White

2. Ayumu Hirano

3. Markus Mallin


Your mens pipe podium from L to R: Ayumu Hirano, Shaun White, Markus Mallin

Markus Mallin’s third place run:

Ayumu Hirano’s second place run:

Shaun White’s winning run: