Roxy Chicken Jam 2011 Photo Gallery & Recap

All Photos Courtesy of Peter Morning and Makena Hunt

Cluck, cluck, (get) loose.

Mother nature might not have been down to get down this past weekend at Mammoth Mountain, CA, but the bands, crew, and competitors were more than ready to make up the slack.

At the 2011 Roxy Chicken Jam, riding in front of the judges took second straw to soul-shredding in the trees, with feet upon feet of snow descending upon the slopes of Mammoth and doing it’s best to disrupt the planned events for the annual Women’s Jam. But to be honest? We’re not sure anyone really felt all that awful about it. It’s hard to complain when you have the best female riders in the world ripping around in the powder all day, and then grouping together to send ‘er ’til the lights come on far into the night. With DJs Heart & Heat leading the way, national acts Trouble Andrew and the Grammy-winning La Roux turned the knob up to 11 on Saturday night, providing the backdrop for one of the most fun snowboard (dance?) parties of the year.

Congratulations to Kelly Marren, who fought the wind and snow to earn her the 2011 Roxy Chicken Jam Halfpipe title, and a hefty “hells yes!” to all the ladies who cut out and got their pow fix deep in the Mammoth trees.

See you next year—we’ll still be asleep. —AH

The calm before the storm. Methodic opener to one Mammoth weekend. PHOTO: Peter Morning

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, right there. Good times, great ladies: Roxy Chicken Jam 2011. PHOTO: Peter Morning
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up right there. Good times, great ladies—Roxy Chicken Jam 2011. PHOTO: Peter Morning