Photos: Drew Amato

Riley Nickerson wins 2013 Rails 2 Riches at Killington, Vermont

Before Saturday night, Forest Bailey was the only men’s rider to win two of Killington’s Rails 2 Riches back to back (2008,2009). Now Riley Nickerson is part of that company, winning last year in 2012 and defending his title in 2013. (Niko Cioffi has won 2, but took a year off in between wins.) For Vermont natives, New Englanders, Quebecois, and all, Killington’s Rails 2 Riches is a big deal. Not only does it have a substantial cash purse($25,000 in total), a win here puts a rider on the map, or in a case like Niko, Forest, and now Riley, solidifies their presence as a certified G.

2013 Killington Rails 2 Riches Results


1. Riley Nickerson

2. Jeremy Cloutier

3. Tim Majors


1. Norah Healey

2. Lily Calabrese
3. Bekah Ashley