Resort Guide 2013-2014: Western States

Local Attractions

Salt Lake City has a lot of history in snowboarding. And if you’re anywhere in Utah to snowboard, you’re at least going through it. Here’s a list of local attractions.

Milosport 3119 East, 3300 South

Rail Gardens Olympic Hills Park, Millcreek  

Hector’s (Formerly known as Molca Salsa) 2901 East 3300 South


Best Resort Value

Brighton, Utah

This staple of the Utah snow scene is known both for it’s creative jib setups as well as its ample backcountry access and light, champagne powder. Whether it’s park laps on Crest, night riding, or slashes and side hits on Milly, you’re getting bang for your buck at Brighton.


Near Beer? Sort of.

Buy PBR in a Utah grocery store and you’ll see 3.2% ABW, that’s alcohol percentage to weight ratio. This is almost the exact same percentage as PBR in your state; it’s just measured by volume (4% ABV) instead of weight. To buy higher percentage brews or spirits, go to a state liquor store. Those are closed on Sundays, so plan ahead. Bars are only allowed to serve one ounce of liquor at a time. They’re also not allowed to serve high alcohol percentage beers on draught, but they can serve you a 9% ABV Squatters Hop Rising in an unopened bottle.


Fly And Ride

Remember that rumor you heard about cashing in an airline boarding pass for a lift ticket? Yep, that’s a go. It’s called the Quick Start Vacation offer and it’s good at Park City and The Canyons for out-of-state visitors on same day arrivals. Register before you go: