Resort Guide 2013-2014: Western States

Top 3 Parks in the West

I Ride Park City 2013-2014 Episode 2

Park City, Utah

The 3 Kings park, open for night riding with its own high-speed triple, is your go-to for the setups you’ve seen in the I Ride Park City edits. Then there’s Neffland—mellow, fun, low consequence, and the 12-foot Merrill Mini-Pipe, bringing transition riding back to the people, but PC also has one of the best 22-foot Superpipes in the country.

Poll Overall Park Rank: 8

Standout Terrain: Everything in the parks is sick except the skiers

Don’t Miss: Happy hour at Baja Cantina, authentic Mexican at El Chubasco


The Canyons, Utah

With two parks that cater to beginner and advanced riders differently, Canyons has something for everyone. What we’re stoked on is the super long main park with its own high-speed lift, featuring pretty much every type of rail, jump, and jib imaginable, from Jersey barrier ollies to storage containers.

Poll Overall Park Rank: 29

Standout Terrain: Park variety, jibs, heated chairlift, chicks in fur

Don’t Miss: Canis Lupis banked slalom race


Snowbasin, Utah

Snowbasin is an up-and-coming player in the terrain park game with three parks catering to beginner to pro. The place has played host to past TransWorld Team Shoot Out and Dew Tour park builds, and the best part about laps here is the full run of natural hits before you even hit the park.

Poll Overall Park Rank: N/A*

Standout Terrain: Coyote Bowl park, Burlington rail replica, 65 jibs

Don’t Miss: Friday Night Jib Lights


*Too few poll votes for sample size.

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