Resort Guide 2013-2014: East Coast

Top 3 Parks on the East Coast

Last Call presented by Eastern Boarder at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire


While many East Coast parks excel in one area of expertise, Loon keeps up the three tiers of park building: pipe, jumps, and rails, with the top-to-bottom park run off the gondola, pocket parks, and secret hits scattered around the mountain.

Standout Terrain: Loon Mountain Park (LMP) laps from the Gondola, Shaper’s Shack Hubba, Wallride

Don’t Miss: Eastern Boarder Presents Last Call in March

Poll East Coast Park Rank: 5



Sugarbush proves that it’s not about what you have, but what you can do with it. Their jib-focused park is a creative use of a small space, with re-directs, closeouts, elbows, and wall hits set up with cross-court flow. Insert skatepark reference here.

Standout Terrain: The most creative rail setup in New England, rails are never sticky—even in extreme cold

Don’t Miss: Guided catboarding tours, the fun

Poll East Coast Park Rank: 9


Seven Springs

The Streets, a Superpipe, and meticulous upkeep of all their features have Seven Springs on the top of many East Coast riders bucket lists, especially with the new US Open Qualifiers happening there. Riding replicas of real street features you’ve seen in videos is pretty damn cool.

Standout Terrain: The Streets, 22-foot Superpipe

Don’t Miss: Indoor skeet shooting range and bowling in the lodge, Burton US Open Qualifier

Reader’s Poll Ranking: 2


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