Red Bull Supernatural Course Inspection: First Impressions

Supernatural’s 18 invited riders loaded into snowcats this morning to inspect the mile-long contest course at Baldface Lodge outside of Nelson, BC, Canada. Although the riders had studied photos of the course the night before, seeing it live was mind blowing in comparison. From the those standing on the razor ridge that is the drop-in point, here are some of the first impressions of the setup as they peered down on the run known as Scary Cherry.

“Holy shit it’s steep. It’s not as intimidating as I thought because it’s so steep you can see everything. Damn people are going to go big.”Scotty Lago

“First reaction? I got a hard on.”—Terje

“It’s amazing. It has everything: pillows, jumps, pow turns. Everything. I’m so excited.”—Kazu Kokubo

“It’s much steeper than I thought it would be. From the pictures I was worried that it would be a blind roll, but it’s actually not. It’s going to be fun.”Nicolas Müller

“It’s gnarly. The jump looks fun and all the taps at the bottom look really fun. There are tons of sick lines.”Sage Kotsenburg

“Wow. It’s hard to take in all at once. There are so many features.”John Jackson

“I’m fucking jacked. It’s so gnarly. For me growing up riding Baker this is my kind of terrain. I couldn’t be more excited to take my runs.”Lucas Debari

“When you look at something for the first time and think, ‘Wow, I really want to ride this,’ that’s a good sign.”Devun Walsh

Originally given a six-day holding period to allow for weather, sun and a stable snow pack mean the contest will be happening tomorrow, Saturday, February 4. The stoke at Baldface right now is high—so high in fact that for many the 75,000 dollars in prize money is an afterthought—getting to ride the most progressive course ever designed with 18 of the world’s most progressive riders is almost reward enough.

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