Quote This: Tyler Flanagan Interview

Tyler Flanagan
What brought you to Mammoth?

I moved there when I was eight years old from Maggie Valley, North Carolina. What brought us out there was just the slopes. We went out to Mammoth when I was seven and my parents just fell in love with the place.

Your dad’s a snowboarder, right?

Yeah, my dad rides and he also privately coaches a little ripper named Brock Crouch.

How’d your family get so into shredding back in North Carolina?

Well, my dad and his brother just tried and then they thought I should try it. I actually hated I the first time I tried it, but then I fell in love with it.

When you first started riding Mammoth at eight, nine years old, who were the big influences?

Danny Kass, Jeff Anderson obviously—those were pretty much the dudes. I really looked up to all the Grenade guys, too.

Did you get to ride with Jeffy much?

Just two or three times, really.

So what made him such a big influence on you?

I think that Jeffy had the best style—in everything. I try my hardest to ride like he did. He killed it in everything and that’s what I’m trying to do. Like he would slay the rails, kill it in the pipe, frickin’ mob it in the backcountry and kill it on the jumps. He was just an all around amazing rider.

Contest runs right now—they require 10s, doubles, maybe a 12—is it easy to put style or your own signature on tricks like that?

Yeah, it’s hard. If the jumps are bigger, it’s easier to make them look good, but otherwise, yes, it’s really hard to put style into some of those tens and twelves. If you can hold your grab all the way through, instead of opening up and whipping the last part of it around, that helps the style.