Pro Form: Chris Grenier

Grendys gets footloose in SLC. Photo: Andy Wright
Grendys gets footloose in SLC. Photo: Andy Wright

Chris Grenier

Age: 21.
Sponsors: Salomon Snowboards, Celtek Gloves, L1 Outerwear, Dragon Goggles, Magical Go-Go Wax, Volcano Cones, Cobra Dogs, Fat Trax Snowboard Shop.
Years snowboarding: Probably ten.
Roots: Southborough, Massachusetts
Home: Salt Lake City, Utah.
Height: 5'11".
Weight: 160 lbs.
Stance: Regular, 23.5 inches wide, front fifteen degrees, back negative-twelve.
Forward lean: Two clicks for halfpipe and jumping; no clicks for jibbing.
Personal settings: Lots of stomp pads.
Tuning techniques: Slap on some Magical Go-Go wax and you're good to go.
Most important part of your setup: A large cup of coffee before boarding … and a soft board.
Describe your riding style: Out of control … lots of rails and a few jumps.

Photo: Andy Wright
Photo: Andy Wright

Board: Salomon Scout 154 ($380)
Boots: Vans Hi-Standard in yellow/white, size 10.5 ($159)
Bindings: Salomon Code Light ($200)
Hoodie: Salomon Team in red (n/a)
Flannel: L.L. Bean from the thrift store ($10)
Pants: L1 M.I.A. in black slub ($280)
Gloves: Celtek Clan Spring in brown ($70)
Goggles: Dragon Rogue in coal ($125)