People’s Pretty Wise premieres at TransWorld

People’s new movie Pretty Wise premiered here at the TransWorld office in Carlsbad, California, last night. Everyone arrived in good spirit, especially Rusty Ockenden, in a van full of chicks.

Here’s a rundown that won’t do the video justice:

The first thing you’ll notice about the movie is that there aren’t individual rider parts; rather the movie is separated into trips with the different riders. Rail missions in Quebec and Anchorage are backed by pow trips in Austria, Whistler, and WashingtonJason Robinson and Scot Brown have some really cool shots from the Anchorage trip, Johnny Lazz and Jason Dubois kill it in Quebec. Jake Koia and Robbie Walker share a sweet Whistler part with all kinds of massive jump shots. Elias Elhardt has some great jump shots mixed in. The crowd really went crazy for the Austria section, Shane Pospisil has some hammers in there, and Shaun McKay’s misty Mt. Baker part was a favorite too. The springtime section is a good reminder of what snowboarding is all about, and Rusty Ockenden shows some serious backcountry skills in one of the few individual segments.

So there you go. It was a good video, so you should really just get a copy and see it for yourself. Thanks for everyone who made it out, it was an awesome way to spend a Tuesday night.