Park Sessions Seven Springs Preview

Photography by Aaron Blatt

Video by Tyler Malay and Paul Heran

Seven Springs Park Sessions Preview

by Hondo

Snowboarding is full of unpredictability. You never know what the conditions are going to be like when you get to the hill. Some days, when you expect it to be perfect, it absolutely sucks. And other days, when you think it’s going to be awful, it’s the best day of the season. During our Park Sessions at Seven Springs, unpredictability was surely the name of the game. With seventy-degree weather, and a serious lack of snow, we really had no idea what to expect. But that didn’t hinder our unlikely mix of riders—Stevie “Esteban” Bell, Austin “Chillsack” Sweetin, Anto “French Onion” Chamberland, Kyle “The Kid” Mack, Austin Hironaka, Marie Hucal, and Corinne Pasela—who all made the trek to destroy the amazing parks that Joel Rerko and his crew built. Seven Springs’ parks are some of the best in the East, not to mention that the world famous “The Streets” resides here and for a week we shredded it all until the lights went out. So enjoy a little taste, and get ready for the full meal to be served this fall.

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