Park Sessions Heavenly Preview

Photography: Bob Plumb

Video by Justin Gunson and Tyler Malay

What do you do with an unexpected five-foot dump in the middle of March like the one South Lake Tahoe recently got? Well first you should shred that pow, but second, if you’re the park crew at Heavenly Mountain Resort, you use the snow to push the towers on your jumps a little higher and stack some extra features before opening the High Roller Park to the fifth and final Park Sessions of the season. Our crew was an unusual mash-up of riders including Eero Ettala, Mark McMorris, Craig McMorris, Andrew Brewer, Sam Taxwood, Johnny Lazz, Jordan Phillips, Tyler Flanagan and South Lakers Nick Poohachoff and Joanna “Pnut” Dzierzawski. Throw in some extras like Brewer’s brother Nick and Rome’s Finnish freak Toni Kerkelä and you’ve got the ingredients for a proper throw down. That’s the point after all—to get a diverse group of people together to jam on features and push each other. Each morning, standing at the top of High Roller Park, Lake Tahoe stretching out as a backdrop, the crew let the night’s smoky casino air pass out of their lungs and dropped in. Here’s a tease of what went down. The full Park Sessions video drops Fall 2012.

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