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(February 20, 2010) The Olympics have proven to be a unique experience in a lot of intangible ways, but one very real way for us here at TransWorld was that, unlike the Grand Prixs, at the Olympics we’ve been kept at arms length from the riders. Instead of prime spectating positions, we got corralled and caged-in off to the side among a distracted herd of journalists. Instead of high fives at the bottom of the pipe and casual banter, we were forced to sit in folding chairs and wait for our turn to ask questions into a microphone at scheduled press conferences. (“This question is for Mr. Lago. How stoked are you right now?”) Sure, we have ways around it—we might have been the only ones trying to pull Jedi mind tricks and over/unders to get into the coveted coaches viewing section (a full two corrals closer to the action!) and let’s not even talk about the sideways moves Nick had to make to get in front of the podium. But sometimes, we found that like the riders who have to jump through hoops earning FIS points at some god forsaken World Cup or enduring late night visits by the Olympic dopers, we just needed to “sack up” and deal … and throw our high fives and hell yeahs across a linen-covered press conference table. I was looking for a good example of a bad article about snowboarding’s debut in Nagano to check in on how far we’ve come in these last four Olympics, when I came across this gem from February 1998 in The Washington Post talking about one of those dreary press conferences … and I swear, I found this after writing all of the above … seriously, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
One snowboarding reporter from a publication he identified as “Transworld” prefaced his question to the snowboarders with, “My sincere congratulations to all of you. … You guys rule, dude.”

What's the exact opposite of an exciting boardercross race? A press conference about it.
What's the exact opposite of an exciting boardercross race? A press conference about one.

PS, the whole ‘Scotty Lago going home early story’ isn’t even worth mentioning, however I will say that those mudslingers at TMZ are a collective steaming pile of crap. I can’t help but wonder how it is that fellow New Hampshire skier Bode Miller could spend an entire two weeks at the 2006 winter Olympics partying and failing miserably in competition without the threat of being sent home or dishonoring the Olympic spirit, while Lago performs to his fullest and then gets sent home for blowing off some steam. The moral of the story definitely isn’t to behave like an Olympian, it’s to not get caught doing otherwise. If you saw half the things that are going on at 3:00 am on the streets of Vancouver, you would understand the pettiness of this whole thing. Scotty is our hero, and we hope Seabrook, New Hampshire is giving him a hero’s homecoming.

Cause tonight’s gonna be a good night … Tiki Tok on the clock cause the party don’t stop noo … Just dance …

I know, I know, snowboarding in the Olympics is over (except for PGS later this week …) time to move onto the next topic. But, wait, we were so busy up at Cypress that we lost sight of the big picture. Like alot of the riders, we are stoked to check out some of the other “winter  sports”—the hot tickets are for hockey, NBC commentator Todd Richards must not have gotten the memo—he spent the day caught up in the drama of live curling.

If the Olympics are truly a world event, then the music being blasted out of every club and country party tent in an indication of what the hottest party hits are. It’s a close race between these songs as to which is the unofficial party anthem for the 2010 Winter Games. All three of them are still playing in my head  right now from last night. Make it stop …

I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas
Tik Tok, Ke$ha
Just Dance, Lady GaGa

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Mike Robertson gets some local press.
Mike Robertson gets some local press.

Johnny Lyall-Olympic opening ceremony coverage.
Johnny Lyall-Olympic opening ceremony coverage.

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