October Snowboarding In Virginia

Words and photos: Aaron Blatt

While the first US resorts got a little taste of early fall snow and opened their lifts to the public; the scene is cranking at a resort in Virginia.  In fact it hasn’t stopped cranking since opening in September of 2009. Liberty University’s Snowflex Facility operates year round, as the resort doesn’t require snow. The ‘toothbrush-like’ bristles that cover the slopes at the resort are doused with water from an irrigation system of ‘misters’ every two minutes creating a set up that is as close to the real thing as possible.
This past week, Yale Cousino, Scott Stevens, Mike Ravelson, Johnny Murphy, and Luke Haddock cruised down from the North East to see what carpet boarding was all about…

Big thanks to Will Scheren and the crew at Liberty University for hosting us, holding a wild demo/rave combo up at the resort, and showing us a dang good time.