Norwegian Darkness: Danny Larsen in the Forest

Photos: Frode Sandbech

Words and Captions: Ben Gavelda

Norwegian Darkness

During the 1990s in Norway, an occult subculture rose from a mash-up of metal music, horror films, pagan mythology, Satanism, and angst. Referred to as Norwegian black metal, it was popularized and often misrepresented through violence and church burning. “The silly, Satanist stuff is what black metal is mostly known for,” says metalhead Danny Larsen. “But nature, individualism, coldness, and darkness are the main aspects of black metal.” Early season, when the days were short and cold, Danny and photographer Frode Sandbech created their own take on black metal in this series of stark photos. Look if you dare.

Danny Larsen with one spooky stalefish. PHOTO: Frode Sandbech.

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