Nitro Introduces Limp Bizkit Model

Nitro Introduces Limp Bizkit Model

In cooperation with Motor Music Corp., Nitro snowboards is proud to release a limited edition Limp Bizkit snowboard in November 2000. The graphical work on the board was a collaboration between the band and Nitro teamrider Lukas Goeller, and the construction was modeled after Nitro’s highest-end carbon fiber and Kevlar snowboards. There will also be an interactive CD ROM for consumers, featuring clips of Limp Bizkit and Nitro riders snowboarding.

There will be 100 Limp Bizkit snowboards available at authorized dealers in the United States, and more in Europe.

The relationship between Nitro and Motor was begun two years ago when a Motor executive heard Nitro’s own band, the Pretty Good Band, playing at a bar in Switzerland. Watch out for Fred Durst and DJ lethal in a halfpipe near you.

This isn’t the first music coolaberation Nitro has had. Last year the band did a special promotion with The Bloodhound Gang. Nitro pros taught the band members how to snowboard, and the company distributed a limited-edition board with an interactive CD ROM.