Nike Chosen At Heavenly

Words and Photos: Ben Birk

What am I supposed to write about a Nike contest? The jump was perfect, the lights were cool, and the tricks were even better. A bunch of the local population came out to witness the sickness as Andy Finch and Dan Hamilton announced.

A big Thank You to SPT,  Mike Thomas, and the Heavenly TPC for the perfectly sculpted course. Off the jump double corks were thrown down by a few and a backside 1260 by Nick Poohachoff. Sawyer Deen won best trick with an ollie off the side of the jump into some very small transition.  Joanna Dzierzanski spun both frontside and backside 360 over the 70ft jump to take home first for the women.

In the end Nick Poohachoff took home first with Jordan Nield and Nick Gieson rounding out the top three for men.  Overall the setup was nice, everything went smooth and I think everyone involved enjoyed themselves. The Nike Chosen was a good time.