‘Mission Antarctic’ expedition blog with Lucas Debari and Xavier De Le Rue

Xavier De Le Rue: Dispatch 2


Mission Antarctic Xavier De Le Rue
Finally calms seas and a family dinner for the crew. PHOTO: Tero Repo

We are here sitting in the living room of the boat and it feels like we are back in the storm, except that the boat is dead calm. The vessel is laying on it’s side on a 25-degree angle since this morning when we got stuck on the shallow bottom approaching a line in a little hidden bay. The boat has actually been seriously stuck since this morning and we are waiting for the tide to come back up to it’s full position so eventually maybe we will able to get it out of here… Haha, no big deal….the captain is fairly confident. We should hit the high tide point soon and get out of this trap.

Mission Antarctic PHOTO Tero Repo Snowboarding
Forecast is looking good for the first week of the trip. Here is a shot of Day 1’s terrain, this ain’t Disneyland, this is Antarctica! PHOTO: Tero Repo

In the mean time, we still managed to hit that big line we were aiming for. The snow wasn’t as good as last night’s, but the surroundings were definitely super impressive and made for a great experience.

13_TERO_REPO_ANTARCTICA-1335 snowboarding
Xavier and Lucas waiting for the Zodiac for a pick up. First day in the office “Mission Antarctic’. PHOTO: Tero Repo

We’re starting to feel really comfortable with the snow. It is really perfect to both climb and ride – reeeeallly steep terrain. We have two amazing faces, just waiting for us to go and get them… Definitely way higher standard of riding than what I was expecting. We have been incredibly lucky with the weather, and we are making the most of every second of our adventure.

Xavier De Le Rue Snowboarding Photo Mission Antarctica
Xavier atop our latest line with the our stuck boat below waiting for the tide to come back up.

Xavier about to drop

07_Xavier_De_Le_Rue Mission Antarctic The North Face Snowboarding
Xavier De Le Rue happy to see land after the Drake crossing

The team is a great combination of talent, and the long days really give us the chance to try to capture the immense beauty of the peninsula. One thing that is tiring here it is how much we keep repeating to each other how incredible it is…

Mission Antarctica The North Face Snowboarding
Mission Antarctic has arrived

I feel so lucky to be a part of this trip, and I can finally feel released from all the pressure that I’ve had on my shoulders in the last few months putting the trip together. And by the way….the boat just got out of its trap so we are sailing off to some more adventures!


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Xavier De Le Rue and Lucas Debari
“What would my Mom say” Xavier De Le Rue and Lucas Debari in the Antarctic


19_Mission_Antarctic_renan Insta
Xavier De Le Rue and Lucas Debari
Xavier De Le Rue and Lucas Debari are now scoping lines on Mission Antarctica

Scoping new lines

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