Marc on Sean

Sean Johnson? Uh … he’s a’ight. Nah, just playin’-Johnson’s dope!

Tha’s a funny dude right there. That is, if you’re secure with yourself. If you can’t take a joke, or handle the truth, then keep a distance ’cause he might be in the mood to crumb on you. I know some people get all hurt when they’re around him ’cause he says some jacked-up shit sometimes-but his sense of humor and attitude crack me up. The dude is real, and I like that. I love to kick it with that homeboy. It’s cool, ’cause sometimes he snowboards, too.

For real ‘tho, I look forward to ridin’ and filmin’ with him ‘n’ the rest of those Canadian jerks. I try to go up there as much as possible, but for some reason we never get anything done. It’s their fault, though, because every time we go film, I end up layin’ around in the snow, laughin’ to death.