Mammoth Opening Weekend: Now with Video!

Photos: Peter Morning, Hondo, Cameron Strand, and Matt Mead

Photo Captions: Hondo

Words: John Poulin

Video: Matt Mead

Well, we did it. We left the beach and drove the seven hours from the TransWorld office in Carlsbad, California to Mammoth Lakes. The idea was put out there that we should actually go snowboarding instead of looking at computers all day. This turned out to be the best idea since turning the back cubicle into a tuning room.

Opening day looked a little suspect. White ribbon of death style. Good thing we were in the car that day watching Instagram refresh, because Thursday night it started snowing. By Saturday there was at least a foot and you could venture off the main trails (sshhhh) and find untouched pow pretty much everywhere. Powder is always a treat, but to get it on opening weekend is ridiculous since it’s pretty much what you dream about all summer. Who knew you could miss the smell of stale gloves until riding the shuttle back into town with someone’s dirty old mittens right next to your face. It’s somehow both revolting and nostalgic and you can’t imagine how you live without it for six months of the year. California and peoples of the USA, it’s time to go snowboarding again.