Mammoth Opening Weekend

Mammoth got a good splatter of snow this week. Enough to open the hill, top to bottom. It was the second earliest opening in the mountain’s history, too. Place was packed. When people heard free lift tickets they flocked. Yep, Mammoth slung out free lift tickets to anyone who showed up. Heard almost five thousand heads showed up. Half the Frends made it. Lots of gypsy vans and wandering wagons in the parking lot. Even the ski twirling Budweiser guy made it.

Chair 23 had a good stack of slush on it and you could ride from top to bottom, with a keen eye for rocks. The park crew also plopped a couple boxes in the park. Big ‘ol jib session went down. Place was slushy, but damn fun, warm and the best early season boarding I’ve seen in a while. Its not even Halloween yet people. It’s been warm though, hopefully this isn’t a tease and winter keeps rolling in. Better come up and get some while you can. Stay tuned for video from opening weekend.