Mammoth Mountain Opening Weekend 2013-2014

Photos: Ben Birk (unless noted)

Captions: Hondo

Mammoth Mountain opened up with four chairs,  a couple runs, and a slew of features in Main Park last week. We drove up from the TransWorld offices in Carlsbad for the weekend to get the cob webs off the desk legs and do some boardin. While Mammoth didn’t have as many features as they would have liked in Main Park, the crew killed it as always and set up some rad stuff and in turn, the level of riding was at mid-winter status. Pat Moore, Tyler Flanagan, Jared Dawoud, Jordan Small, Riley Nickerson, Tommy Gesme, Brady Lem, Justin Fronius, Johnny Lazz, and many, many more were out lapping and enjoying that Mammoth sunshine. Big thanks to TJ Dawoud, Lauren Burke, and Peter Morning for showing everyone a kick ass time.—JP

Pat Moore kicks out one hell of a method during opening weekend. PHOTO: Ben Birk.