Malay Day

Words & Photography by Matt Alberts
For those of you who did not know Josh Malay, he was an all around amazing human being, snowboarder, friend, and artist with a heart of gold.  Josh’s life was cut short in early 2004 while on a photo shoot in the Pyrenees Mountains. Friends who knew him often refer to him as “The Destroyer” with a snowboard style that was second to none. He set out to destroy everything every day!

Since 2005 friends and family from all over the world have gathered to celebrate his life and legacy on a day self titled “Malay Day”.  Today was no exception, hundreds of Beaver Creek locals, and friends from around the globe gathered at Beaver Creek for a day of destroying.  The day was broken up into a three part contest; Rails, Big Air, and Freestly Bronaza.  The Beaver Creek park crew did an all time job of creating some special features for the day that Josh would have been stoked to shred.

Contest Results:


1st Billy Rodriguez

2nd Andrew Steward

3rd Jeff Ball

Big Air:

1st Luke

2nd Patti Baskins

3rd Rob Bak

Freestyle Bronanza

1st Billy Rodriguez

2nd Travis young

3rd Jeff Ball

Destroyer Award – Andrew Steward

Best Method – Travis Young

Best Scorp – Jeff Moss

Best Trick – Arron Lloyd

R.I.P. Josh Malay PHOTO: Jim Langer
R.I.P. Josh Malay PHOTO: Jim Langer