‘Jake Blauvelt Naturally’ Episode One

Jake Blauvelt is one of the best snowboarders on the planet, and has done it all. From contests to TV shows, and a spree of epic video parts, it’s now time for something a little different.

Welcome to “Jake Blauvelt Naturally”, a new monthly webisode series of all that Jake’s been up to, on and off the snow. The show chronicles the previous month he spends filming for his upcoming full video part, which will be releasing exclusively online at TWSNOW.com this coming Sept 5th.

It takes a lot to get the TransWorld staff stoked out so much for a web series these days, but it’s safe to say that the kids here are hyped to see what JB puts out. But don’t just take out word for it… Says Jake:

“I really wanted to switch up my game plan for a year and do something out of the ordinary. To me, snowboarding isn’t about following any set guidelines or structure, but just doing whatever feels natural. This year, I decided to take on a web based project to keep viewers in the loop a little better than going off the radar for 11 months and coming out with a 3 minute video part. I felt like I could get more out of my winter. Don’t get me wrong, video’s are still crucial to keeping the core and love for shredding alive, but with the way the web is developing, I decided to embrace it rather than fight it and dive in head first. I hope everyone enjoys seeing all the behind the scenes shots as much as the grade A bangers. Enjoy!”

Stay tuned for monthly video updates from Jake and his “Full Part” coming out Sept 5th. Exclusively online, right here at TWSNOW.com

Last, here’s a grip of pics from Jake’s recent travels. As Blauvelt says, “Enjoy!”