‘I Am Snowboarding’ Art Project And “Official” Mammoth Opening


Mammoth played host to their “official” opening this past weekend. The place was pumping. Three video premieres, a concert, a dusting of snow, but above all, it was a warm remembrance of one of snowboarding’s brightest beacons-Jeff Anderson.

“I’ve never seen this many influential people from the snowboard community in one place,” is a phrase I overhead all weekend. It was true. Snowboarders, artists, supporters and scoundrels were all here offering support. The I Am Snowboarding art show went off on Saturday night. Photographers submitted photos and artists manipulated them. Iguchi, Parillo, Lynn, Graves, Blotto, Zacher, Lenhardt, Zaplac, Mosberg, just to name a few. Each piece was unique and there’s a chance you’ve seen the iconic image before, but not tweaked and tuned and beautiful. The gallery is open until November 29. Catch it while you can or pick up some pieces at iamJLA.org.

It was also the last stop of the Get Real tour. The Billabong boys toured the country and wrapped things up here, in the village and around the fire pit. Mammoth also hosted their new film Hot Laps. Check it out next time you come up here. You’ll think twice about the place, and realize there’s still a solid snowboard scene. The night sank deeper with a Shiny Toy Guns concert and then…Sunday, oh Sunday. Everyone disappeared, but JLA’s presence won’t.