How Place Shapes Style: The Making of Nation

Two of Oregon’s finest

Dylan Thompson. PHOTO: Andy Wright.

Flashback to Dylan Thompson’s first day filming with Finger On Da Trigger—he’s tagging along with buddy Jonah Owen and filmer Cole Taylor and they go to this triple kink, one with a little history. Jeff Anderson, 50-50. Deadlung, boardslide. Jonah is filming for his part in Familia. Dylan breaks his nose trying a front board and Jonah gets wrecked too. That’s Dylan’s introduction to filming for a real video, the first time he met Cole, who he’s filmed with since, including this year for his Nation part. (Jonah was all over the place working on the Rome 12-Months project in addition to filming for Nation.) But Dylan and Cole went back to that same rail this season and he got the front board. Jonah has hammers, too.

Jonah Owen. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha.

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