Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails is coming this weekend!

Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails is the premiere fall snowboard event, and it’s happening this weekend. Pro and Am snowboarders are coming to Bear Mtn from all over to get back on snow after the long summer drought. Invited riders to this years Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails are: Ryan Paul, Melissa Evans, Jamie Madrid, Scott Blum, Harrison Gordon, Scotty Vine, Yale Cousino, Alex Andrews, Durrell Williams, Daniel Brown, Jaeger Bailey, Dylan Dragotta, Jake OE, Andrew Brewer, Ian Sams, Ryan Tarbell, Nick Visconti, Zach Rawles, Zak Hale, Ted Borland, Dylan Alito, Brandon Hobush, Johnny Brady, Chris Brewster, Parker Duke, Erik Leon, Spencer Shubert, Desiree Melancon, Jonah Owen, Chad Tarbell, Dylan Thompson, Lenny Mazzotti, Forest Bailey, and Pat Moore. Hot damn that’s one stacked field of dudes and chicks.

These dudes aren’t going to be riding some shitty sliver of snow either. Clayton Shoemaker and his dedicated park crew go all out, bringing in literally tons of snow, and building an insane course. Check this video. It will show you all of the crazy designs that have been built so far for Saturday’s event.

If you’re still not convinced that Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails is awesome, check out our coverage from last years event on the next page.