Good Wood Gone

Good Wood Gone

We took the Mammoth Mountain Inn by storm. Eighteen testers, a few techs, and the media crew tore through the slopeside inn and ripped all over Mammoth for a week of heavy ‘testing.’ Long laps off the gondola and zingers through the park kept the testers busy from 9-4 as they punished a slew of next year’s boards for the 2012 Good Wood Snowboard Test. Thanks for sticking it out crew!

Speaking of the crew, we had a diverse mix: a couple kiwis, some Mammoth locs’, an Oregon posse, a few SoCal shredders and a couple randoms. Tall, small, new, old—there was a good mix of riders and riding styles. To get that Good Wood stamp, a board really has to please everyone.

Banana boards, camel-hump cambers, pointy tips, blunt tips—all kinds of shapes were stacked into the racks and ready to be ridden. This year we had 138 models submitted from 27 companies. Needless to say, we were buried in boards. We just wrapped up the results and will be spilling those details in the Buyer’s Guide and October issues. Until then, enjoy some pictures from the test.

Thanks again to Mammoth Mountain for hosting us!